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This is the day that the Lord has made. Let us be glad and rejoice in it!


AMC worship emerges from the congregation with multi-voiced participation and blended musical style.  Worship planning teams assist the pastors and minister of music and worship to shape a cohesive and meaningful time of worship.

Christian Education

The goal of second hour is to position ourselves to be people of faith and disciples of Jesus.  From the Jr. Department, Jr. and Sr. High youth, and adult Discipleship offerings, AMC seeks to draw upon multiple learning styles with an Anabaptist-Mennonite understanding of faith and life.

Nursery / Preschool Church

Preschool Goals: 

It is our hope that during the nursery and preschool years, our children will grow in their faith and relationship with God; explore what it means to live out one’s faith (discipleship); and come to feel that they are an important part of the AMC family (community).

Nursery and Preschool Church provide a nurturing place for our youngest children while parents maintain contact with church worship services. Screened adults and High School youth staff the Preschool Church for children ages 2, 3, 4 and 5. Adults and youth who enjoy babies through two years of age staff the Nursery.

Junior Department

Junior Department Goals: It is our hope that during the preschool and primary school years, our children will grow in their faith and relationship with God; explore what it means to live out one’s faith (discipleship); and come to feel that they are an important part of the AMC family (community).

The Akron Mennonite Church Junior Department serves children birth to grade five during Jr. Christian Education Classes, Nursery care, Pre-School Church, Share-A-Life/Venture Club, and Vacation Bible School.

The Junior Christian Education Department uses the Mennonite curriculum Shine. With Shine, we teach our children that God’s ways are surprising and unpredictable and that God’s good news is for all – including the poor, weak, and the undeserving.  Shine builds on Anabaptist values, teaches that the central theme of the Bible is best expressed in the like of Jesus Christ, and emphasizes the importance of Christian community, corporate worship and the joy of service and outreach.

Each Sunday children rotate to three different classrooms for snack and prayer, bible story and music, and a craft activity. The Children’s Offerings include Atlantic Coast Conference Nickels for Neighbors project, Christmas Bundles, MCC Penny Power, MCC school kits and health kits.

Junior MYF

It is our hope that during the Jr. MYF years (grades 6-8), youth will grow in their faith and relationship with God (faith); explore what it means to live out one’s faith (discipleship); and come to feel that they are an important part of the AMC family (community).

Specifically, in the area of faith, we hope that Jr. MYFers will:

  • come to know that they are loved and valued by God
  • learn about the Biblical faith story
  • be exposed to key concepts of the Anabaptist faith (believer’s baptism, non-violence, discipleship)
  • grow in their relationship with Jesus

Specifically, in the area of discipleship, we hope that Jr. MYFers will:

  • discover what God’s love looks like when it is lived out
  • begin to make connections between faith and relevant issues in their lives
  • have opportunity to participate in service to others
  • feel that they have gifts to offer in the building of God’s kingdom

Specifically, in the area of community, we hope that Jr. MYFers will:

  • feel valued and involved in the AMC community
  • grow in their care for each other
  • find Jr. MYF to be a safe and loving place for them to express themselves


As an MYF, we commit ourselves:

  • To learn more about God, and to meet God together through worship, prayer, Bible Study, fellowship, service projects, and any time of meeting together throughout the year
  • To open ourselves to personal growth and transformation
  • To help others through service and the sharing of our faith in Jesus Christ
  • To support and care for each other
  • To have fun together!

Seekers Baptism Class

Seekers’ Class is an opportunity for high school aged youth to think together about faith, baptism, and church membership.  It is designed to be a safe place to ask questions, interact with others, and reflect on faith commitments. 

The class meets for a series of weeks over lunch, or in a weekend away setting.  Participants come with a willingness to learn, ask self-reflective questions, and share with each other.  While there is an opportunity for baptism at the conclusion of the class, there is not an expectation that every class member will be baptized.

Adult Dicipleship Hour

Discipleship Hour is a time where AMC invites participants to experience spiritual formation, nurture and growth, as we are called, equipped and sent by God.

One expectation is that offerings will be consistent with AMC’s mission statement and Anabaptist values. We also ask that the facilitators include a time for checking-in with each other, taking time to pray for and with each other. There should be opportunity to listen to Scripture as either the focus of the discussion, or as a reference point. Groups also expect accountability (such as confidentiality, etc.). Participants are encouraged to be active in the hour, another shift from the passive-class format where a teacher taught and the participants listened. Finally, active participation requires a commitment to attending the group on a regular basis.

Discipleship Hour offerings may have different types of activities that can largely be self-determined by each group, in consultation with the Discipleship Hour Oversight Committee. This fosters members and visitors engagement where they have passion and desire to grow deeper in their faith. These activities can range from Dwelling with Scripture to Ministry Teams meetings. Recent classes included reading through the Bible, sister care, a parenting series on children and materialism, and creation care to name a few.

Other Education Opportunities & Special Events

AMC is a vibrant learning community that welcomes inquiry and life-long learning.  Throughout the year there are events like Mission Festival, summer vacation Bible School for children and adults, seminars, trainings, and guest speakers.  The local community and ministry partners also offer ongoing learning opportunities.

Podcasts & Bulletins

Weekly podcasts of the AMC worship service are available along with weekly bulletins.  Some data has been edited for privacy concerns.

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